Regulations & Safety

We value secure investing and thus follow strict EU laws & regulations. Your funds are safely secured in segregated accounts, and you deposit your assets with respectable banks exclusively.

Regulations that put our clients at ease while simultaneously mitigating risks.

Invest with Trust

Trade in self-directed brokerage accounts, pay flat fees, and keep funds under your own control so there's a minimal regulatory hassle to get up and running. No hidden fees, and no surprises.

Safe and Secure

All Collective2, broker accounts are opened under MEXEM - as introducing broker to the largest broker in the world: Interactive Brokers - and supervised under strict regulations. Your broker account will be under your name and under your full control at all times.

Collective2 EU Ltd.

Clients of Interactive Brokers Ireland Limited are protected by the Irish Investor Compensation Scheme (“ICS”). The ICS is intended to help private individuals and does not cover institutions and professional clients. Compensation under the ICS is limited to 90% of the amount lost, subject to a maximum of €20,000 to each investor. The coverage provides protection against the failure of the investment firm, not against loss of market value of financial products.

The ICS is administered by the Investor Compensation Company DAC (“ICCL”), which is an independent body set up under Ireland’s Investor Compensation Act, 1998.

MEXEM is a European-regulated investment firm supervised by Cysec and registered with the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) in the Netherlands and with the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) in Belgium.

Secure investing and your safety are our top concerns.

MEXEM follows EU regulations and the Mifid II laws.

Your money is kept secure in a segregated account other than that of the broker.

Your assets are only deposited in respectable banks.