Sales Associate

Remote, work from home, part-time, flex hours


Kind, articulate, smart, good writer, good telephone listener.

The job

You will communicate with people interested in Collective2, help them figure out if our weird product is right for them.

If it’s not, you will (gently) tell them to go away.

If it is, you will answer their questions, help them learn how to use our complicated software, get them set up.


Guaranteed base, plus variable bonus for each happy customer you help bring aboard.

This job is perfect for…

  • Someone comfortable with technology
  • Someone with customer-support experience, or account-management experience for SaaS / software
  • Someone interested in moving his or her career path into finance and/or sales
  • Sales experience is a plus, but not required

Why this job rocks

You don’t need to find potential customers. We have lots of those. We’ll bring them to you.

Collective2 is an all-remote company. Everyone works from home. So will you!

Choose your own hours, work part time.

Vaguely inspiring mission statement

Collective2 is taking a really shitty part of the world (hedge funds) and making them into something a tiny bit more humane, not to mention something that’s technologically amazing and fun. You know how every half-assed tech company claims that they are “democratizing finance” or some other B.S. like that? Yeah, well we actually are. Really. We swear. We’re the good guys. Join us!

How to apply

We said you need to be a good writer, remember? So write us an email. Tell us you want this job. Go ahead. We’re listening…

Limassol, Cyprus

These are prices for being a Strategy Manager on Collective2. Interested in investing in strategies?