Remote Designer & Front End

Work from anywhere. We are an all-remote company. (Read this as: we are too cheap to pay for office space.)

Most “web designers” will not like this job

First things first. We get it. This job posting will appeal to only 2% of people who read it. Why? Because the qualities that I am about to tout as virtues of this job will likely trigger projectile vomiting in most designers.

For example: the job is not solely about web design. I mean, sure, there’s a lot of web design within it (landing pages and SaaS in-app pages), but there’s more to it than that. Much more. We also need someone who can help build a brand, who can understand customers, and who can figure out how to sell a complex financial service to people who don’t know they even need it (yet).

So if you’re looking for a design job where you can just “stick to your knitting,” and keep quiet, and build stuff according to specs provided “by management,” then you’re not going to like this.



Expand your horizons

If you want to expand your horizons, and do more than pure web design for the rest of your professional life, and if you want to dabble in marketing, and SEO, and brand-building, and analytics, and product design, and who the hell know what else, then consider us.

If you’re still reading, you should be adept at web design, CSS, javascript / jQuery. You must be able to string together reasonable javascript and have familiarity with jQuery. CSS must bleed out of your eyeballs. Our in-app stuff uses proprietary HTML templating systems (he said, with an evil laugh, twirling his mustaches), while our non-app marketing stuff uses Instapage (for quick mockups and tests) and WordPress (for more permanent content).


What’s that? You want “compensation?”

Okay, fine. This is an hourly, free-lancy kind of thing. We pay by the hour. The number of hours varies from month-to-month, depending on what kind of projects we’re working on, and how frantic we are to get them done. We try to be fair, and keep you busy, and also to give you a heads-up about our future needs, so you can make plans.

Here’s how this works. Let us know two numbers: your fantasy hourly rate (i.e. what you would charge if you were hired by a San Francisco venture-capital-funded startup with beer kegs in the lobby, and where money flows like water); and your Scrappy Startup Without VC-Sugar-Daddies rate (i.e. a “realistic” starting number that may not be everything you dreamed of, but which gets you in the door and lets you prove how amazing you are.)

Send these two numbers, plus your portfolio (links), and any other thoughts to, subject: “Remote Designer + Front End = Me.”

Remote, Worldwide

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