Customer Support

Customer Trading Support


Answer customer questions, make customers happy!

Who you are

You have deep familiarity with trading and investing.

You write well.

You have the patience of a saint.


  • Provide first-rate customer support through email, phone, chat, web and forums
  • Answer questions related to Collective2 via email, chat, forum and phone call, and escalate when necessary
  • Make customers feel warm and pleasant after every interaction with Collective2, without distributing opioids
  • Be accountable and follow through until resolution
  • Handle a variety of customer support tasks in a fast paced, small-company environment
  • Proactively look for solutions to problems and suggest improvements to product designers and managers


  • College education
  • Trading or investing background
  • Customer Support experience of more than 2 years
  • A crisp, clear phone voice
  • English fluency
  • Excellent writing and grammar
  • Fast, reliable internet connection
  • Shiny, stable PC/Mac and good headset
  • Knowledge of common help desk/ticketing solutions

Athens, Greece

These are prices for being a Strategy Manager on Collective2. Interested in investing in strategies?