Collective2 is like a hedge fund.


  • You never pay a % of assets under management.
  • You never pay a % of trading profits. 
  • Your money is never “locked up.”

Did we say we were “like a hedge fund?” Never mind.

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How it works Collective2

How it works

  1. Look through the strategies on the C2 Platform.
  2. Select a few strategies.
  3. Turn them on in your regular brokerage account.
  4. No minimums. No lock ups. Start and stop whenever you like.

Are you a Strategy Manager?

Put your strategy on the Collective2 platform. Run your own hedge fund without… um, starting a hedge fund. No heartache. No hassle. Get up and running in minutes, not months.

Why Collective2 is
better than a hedge fund.

See trades as they happen.

Normal hedge funds are “black boxes.” You are not allowed to see the trades that are placed using your money.

At Collective2, you can watch every trade as it happens. In real time. Because trades happen in your brokerage account.

No lock-ups.

Normal hedge funds can “lock up” your money for weeks… or months… or longer. You call them and say, “Give me my money back.” Then they say, “Ha ha ha.”

At Collective2, it’s your money. It stays in your broker account. So when you want your own money, you just take it.

“Minimums” that aren’t maximums.

Hedge funds won’t even return your phone call if you “only” have $250,000… or $1 million… or $5 million, or…

At Collective2, you decide how much to invest. Some strategies on C2 require as little as a few thousand dollars of capital.

You’re not stuck with losers.

At regular hedge funds, you dance with the girl that brung ya’. By the time you’ve invested in a fund, and done diligence, and signed the papers, you’re committed. But a fund that seemed so good a year ago can start to stink quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice to switch managers instantly?

C2 is an open platform. Hundreds of strategy managers share their strategies on C2. New ones arrive every day. Hook your broker account to any manager instantly. Don’t like one? Switch to another. It takes about 20 seconds.

C2 Platform

Common questions

  • Do I need to be an “accredited investor”?

    No, because you are not actually buying shares in a partnership or LLC (as you would if you invested in a hedge fund). Instead you are using the Collective2 Platform to send electronic trading instructions into your own brokerage account automatically, based on the strategies you select.

  • Who do I write a check to? Who keeps my money?

    You don’t write a check. You keep your own money in your own brokerage account.

  • What kind of strategies can I select?

    You can select from strategies that trade futures, stocks, options, or foreign exchange.

  • How can I decide which strategies to use?

    You can see the historical trading records of all the strategies on the Collective2 Platform. This helps you decide which strategies you are most comfortable with.

  • What percentage of profits do I need to pay to you?


  • What percentage of assets do I need to pay to you?


  • Huh? What gives? How do you make money?

    We charge one flat fee for each strategy you want to deploy inside your brokerage account, typically around $100 per month (some strategies are less, some are more.) That fee does not change whether you have a lot of money or a little. You never pay a percentage of profits.

  • Can you guarantee trading profits?

    Of course not. Trading is risky. But hedge funds can’t guarantee trading profits, either. They can’t guarantee anything, really… except that you will pay them their management fees.


An AutoTrade plan lets you automate the trading of any C2 strategy, in any supported broker account.



Autotrade (real-time) at any supported brokers

Autotrade any instrument (stocks, options, futures, or forex)

No transactional or commission mark-ups*

Flat fee regardless of the number of trades

No additional performance or asset management fees

Self directed account

Increased scaling factor

$49 $390


AutoTrade Plan (1 strategy)
AutoTrade Plan (1 strategy) Save over $190 per year!$588
  • 100%

$199 $1599


AutoTrade Plan(up to 5 strategies)
AutoTrade Plan(up to 5 strategies) Save over $780 per year! $2388
  • up to 500%

$299 $2399


AutoTrade Plan (Unlimited strategies)
AutoTrade Plan (Unlimited strategies) Save over $1,180 per year! $3588
  • up to 1000%

These are costs of investing using strategies on the C2 Platform.

Are you a Strategy Manager interested in managing a strategy at C2?

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