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Get C2Star Certification and we'll pay you $1,000 per month to trade for us.

C2Star is a scouting program for trading talent.

Collective2 ("C2") is like a hedge fund. We allow traders, strategy developers, and algo creators to sell trading talent to investors around the world. To make our platform work, however, we need good traders. The problem is, there aren't many great traders out there. That's why we created the C2Star Certification Program. It's a scouting program for fresh talent on our platform. Basically, we pay traders who perform well.

Benefits of becoming C2Star Certified

Guaranteed Revenue $1,000 per month

We guarantee you will receive at least $1,000 per month of subscription revenue

Reduced C2 Fees

Certified strategies keep 75% of subscription revenues earned(instead of the normal 50%)

Prominent Marketing and Advertisement

We steer customers to C2Star-certified strategies

Eligibility for SoutAlpha Program

We work with CTAs, hedge funds, and large investors to locate rising stars in trading

Do you really need C2Star?

Absolutely not. You can run a strategy on Collective2 without worrying about C2Star. Just go to Collective2, and create a strategy. You'll start trading in a virtual Model Account. You'll build a track record. If you perform well, you'll attract "subscribers," who will pay you to receive your real-time trading signals. Even without C2Star, successful traders can make good money on Collective2 can see the chart showing our top-earning Strategy Managers

Top-Earning Fund Managers on C2

Why we created C2Star Certification

(Hint: We needed a way to separate good traders from knuckleheads.)

Good News

One of the great things about Collective2 is that anyone who thinks he is a great trader can put his strategy on our platform.

Bad News

One of the not-so-great things about Collective2 is that anyone who thinks he is a great trader can put his strategy on our platform.

Frankly, this leads to a lot of knuckleheads offering strategies on Collective2. They trade wildly, with no risk controls, making crazy bets that leave us speechless. We created C2Star Certification because we demand better. The performance criteria to become "certified" are strict, and hard to achieve. But if you are a good trader, and you do meet our criteria, we will reward you. We guarantee you a minimum income of $1,000 per month on Collective2. (Note that this is the minimum guaranteed income. If you trade well, you can expect to earn more, much more, from subscribers on our platform.)

What are C2Star Performance Criteria?

You can see the details on this page. We summarize them here by saying: you must control drawdown, limit open losses, and perform just a bit better than the comparable index (we benchmark you against the S&P500 index). If you do achieve C2Star Certification, we'll guarantee that you will take home a minimum monthly subscription revenue of at least $1,000 per month.

Top-Earning Fund Managers on C2

Common Questions about C2Star

You can trade stocks, futures, or forex. To achieve C2Star certification, you can only trade one instrument per strategy.

Yes, you need to be a Strategy Manager on Collective2, and have at least a "basic" plan. There's a program entry fee of $199.

No, you can trade in a virtual Model Account on our platform. However, you'll probably want to consider using live capital in the future. Many investors who use our platform prefer to subscribe to trading strategies where they know the Strategy Managers are trading their own capital. But you can worry about that later, and set up a live account whenever you like... or not at all.

Collective2 has been in business since 2001. We are members of the NFA. We must comply with U.S. regulations. Our company lives or dies based on the quality of the strategies that are run on our platform. We believe that paying Strategy Managers a guaranteed minimum of $1,000 per month is the equivalent to a sports team creating a "minor league" or "development league." It helps us locate talent, and lets us bring it to the attention of investors who use Collective2.

Yes, you can run multiple strategies on Collective2. And, yes, you can apply for C2Star Certification for more than one at a time. But we suggest you start with one, and get familiar with the platform, before launching multiple strategies.

Not all strategies are right for C2Star. Indeed, a lot of really excellent strategies - strategies that we really want to see on the Collective2 Platform - will not be right for C2Star. The C2Star Certification Program is aimed at a very specific strategies: day-trading strategies, tight stops, managed drawdowns, muted risk. The C2Star Certification Program is aimed at a very specific set of strategies: day-trading strategies, tight stops, managed drawdowns, muted risk. Of course the criteria listed above are not the only definitions of "good" trading strategies. Many excellent swing-trading or long-term strategies will not qualify for C2Star at this time. (We plan to add additional C2Star categories in the future, however.) So if your strategy is not right for C2Star, no sweat. We nevertheless encourage you to run your strategy on the C2 Platform. You can still earn subscriber revenue (see chart above to learn how much), and still build an audited industry track record. If you are not interested in C2Star, but want to run a strategy on Collective2 nevertheless, use this link.

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